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Welcome to Novis & Co Chartered Accountants

"Treating you like a person, not just a set of numbers"

At Novis & Co. we've built our business by helping our clients build theirs. By using our expertise to ensure every aspect of the accounting function runs smoothly, we free up our clients’ time to use their expertise where it is most productive.

By playing to our strengths we can help you to play to yours.

While we're absolutely meticulous in our work, making sure that everything is properly accounted for, you'll find us fairly relaxed to deal with.

Our website contains a wide range of guides offering tax, financial and business information, which we trust you will find useful.

To discuss how we can help you further, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Novis Howarth Ltd T/a Novis & Co
Company Number : 5794139
Registered in England and Wales